Studio Update: We had a busy weekend!

Studio Update: We had a busy weekend!

What’s up everyone! We have had a SUPER busy weekend! Friday, Home Safe was in tracking bass and guitars, the tones are killer, and I can’t wait to get in deep on that mix! Saturday, the guys from The Water Between ( came in to track vocals, knock out some guitar leads, and track that xylophone! We’ve never tracked a xylophone before, but I can tell you, it was awesome… So, if your ever in doubt, yes, do bring the xylophone, and we will make it sound good! After that, Lee from Home Safe came in to track his leads for the EP, and we knocked out a little production and made some tweaks in the name of pop punk. Sunday, we got cramming on the Days in May mix for their 3 song EP, which should be out soon! Last but not least, Monday, Andrew Martin (The) came in to lay some silky vocals down to his acoustic EP. This is gonna be one to look out for! After doing some percussion tracking, and vocal tracking, we are all ready for backup vocals and female vocals (if you are a female vocalist, and want to sing on this record, contact us @ and lets get in touch!) Finally, to round the night off, Knightmare came in for their last pre-production session before tracking their new record. It’s gonna be crazy good and we’re super stoked to be a part of it!

That’s all for now, but please check back with us for more updates!



Things to come:

Home Safe EP : Days in May EP (title pending) : The Water Between EP (title pending) : Andrew Martin Acoustic EP : more