More Guitar Riffage and Mix Madness!

More Guitar Riffage and Mix Madness!

What’s up ladies and gentlemen. More fun @ The Arcade Studio (by the way, if you squish all those together, you get our Twitter and Instagram handle… fun fact!) We are continuing work on Knightmare’s second album. The guitar tones will blow your mind, and our secret weapon on the drum tracks will make you very happy. We are also hard at work on (The) Andrew Martin’s debut ep. Tracking will be done next week, and we are on our way to getting a single out there! You have got to hear this kid! The second round of mixes went out for The Water Between today, which always makes me happy to hear a bands thoughts on a mix that we spend so much time with! Other than that, expect updates from me on all things recording, and expect some more good music soon. Sweet updates to come in the future!

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The Water Between