Finally, another update!

Finally, another update!

What’s up everyone. Sorry for the long time between updates. We have been hard at work. I’m creating a page to post some of our work so that everyone can hear what we have been working on, and check out the awesome artists we have had the pleasure of recording! Once that is up and running, I will post a link to it, and probably have Phil incorporate it into our page somewhere. We have wrapped with Days in May on their 3 song release that should be out as soon as they have some pictures. It’s sounding awesome, and they are thrilled. We finished up with the Crossoverdrive album as well. If you are into having a rocking good time, go check out Crossoverdrive when they play around locally. Super talented guys and gals with their own approach to covers, and they have such a wide range of music for everyone, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing night! The first round of mixes went out for The Water Between, and we are gonna knock out the finals this week and get them mastered. They are playing some pretty sweet shows around, so check out their facebook page for details. Also, I am going to start posting the facebook pages, or reverbnation pages of any band mentioned in a blog post at the bottom of the post, so look for them there! Last but not least, We are right in the meat of recording Knighmare’s 2nd record. We have been experimenting with all sorts of tones on drums and bass, and now we are getting crazy with guitars!!! It’s going to sound HUGE! Keep checking back with us for updates, and as always, hit us up with any questions you may have!

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The Water Between

Days in May