Musicians we work with.

Each and every artists that comes through our studio, we believe in. We think they make top notch music that deserves to spread throughout the land. Each band working with The Arcade Studio is featured here, where we provide links to their social media pages, streaming music, venue dates/locations and music and session videos. Be sure to check back frequently, we have new music being recorded and mastered all the time.
Features and Things to Come:
  • Explore and enjoy their work
  • Find where you can see them live
  • Be the first to hear new music as it is released
  • Share music with your friends
  • Connect with other people who like the same music as you
  • Watch them record/play live in Sessions Videos

Artists We've Worked With


Sad music for sad bois.


Days in May

Six Shots Later

Next To Never


Bside Project

Home Safe