Carrboro, NC

The only way I survived was by throwing myself into music,” says Sinclair Vernon, lead vocals. “When a relationship falls apart, it’s hard not to let yourself fall apart too.” Faced with the disintegration of a 10-year relationship, Vernon turned to writing music to save herself from her own darkness, drawing on the influences that had bolstered her during emotionally troubled high school years and that would now propel her to move forward from a bitter breakup.

Spiralfire was born from the rubble of that breakup. For months, Vernon subsisted on anger and wine, writing music on a nearly broken keyboard and dark, emotional lyrics in endless notebooks and intent on building a band once she could express her vision.

Spiralfire’s sound hits that quintessential sweet spot where the lush indulgence of the late 80’s symphonic rock was shifting towards the raw honesty and grit of early 90’s grunge. Bands like Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Guns n’ Roses, Van Halen, and even The Police are as influential as Paramore, Muse, Chevelle, and more. Their modern approach to rock composition and performance is only strengthened and given depth by revealing those classic elements like The Who, Journey, AC/DC, and others.