Next To Never

Florence, SC

Hailing from Florence, SC, Next To Never serves up a hefty, in-your-face dose of all-original, diverse multi-genre tunes. Their music continuously & effortlessly flows from some place, a secret only the band members understand. This place seems to house a unique musical chemistry intertwining every single passionate, dedicated member of this group. Who would have imagined? When Chris Turner, Chris Langston, Dale Wise, Travis Belk, and Heather Autumn created music in the same room together, for the first time, fate was being fulfilled. This bond has created an impenetrable band unit, here to take on music in general by the horns. Acting as a five piece in eight short months, Next To Never offers vast 27 song portfolio to anyone’s ear they catch. To think, this is just the beginning. It’s predestined; Next To Never is here forever.