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The Arcade Studio

We are located in Cary, NC conveniently placed right in the middle of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. At The Arcade, we provide professional tracking, mixing, and mastering while keeping everything relaxed and enjoyable. Music is supposed to be fun, and the best way to have that show in your project, is by having fun doing it. We are outfitted with some of the best analog and digital gear, featured in top studios worldwide, that delivers the quality sound you are looking for in your project. Whether you are tracking a single, split, EP, or full length, we are dedicated to taking the time and making it your best release to date.

Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and the Carolinas are deeply rooted in musical tradition, with a diverse and eclectic music scene. The Arcade Studio is proud to be part of developing artists and bands throughout the ‘Triangle’ and beyond.

We tailor ourselves to your needs, so that every step of the way, it all works the way it has to.

Our Team

Meet the team behind The Arcade Studio.

Andrew Masters


Andrew’s Blog

Andrew basically lives the dream life nowadays. A career technologist and lifelong music lover has come together with The Arcade Studio. A musician from a young age, he’s played a lot of interesting instruments; trumpet, baritone, guitar (of course!) and even the tuba. He won two medals playing tuba solos! Andrew spends most of his time working with artists, developing their sound and getting them in the right ‘headspace’ to get the perfect sound. He is not afraid to give you a kick in the ass if you need it. Andrew has been known to spend a lot of time just jamming with friends and neighbors, playing whatever just feels right. His musical influences are all over the board (like so many us of here at Arcade). They include bands like: Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joanne Shaw Taylor, AFI and of course Eddie Van Halen.

“As a lover of all kinds of music, the marriage of recording music and computers is like heaven for me.”

Mike Schons


Mike’s Blog

Mike is a musician at the core. From making records himself to now producing music for others, lyrics and rhythm run through his veins. Starting at an early age playing the guitar, he’s always challenged himself trying other instruments. An avid comic nerd and gamer, he also enjoys ‘proper’ Mexican food, good beer, and bourbon. Mike has been part of many musical projects over the years including The Jealousy Game, of which he played guitar and did vocals. Some of his musical influences include, well, a bit of everything. From Hit the Lights to Bruno Mars to We Came as Romans, there isn’t much off limits when it comes to his repertoire of sound(s).

“My main focus is to help you make the best music possible, while having the best time possible.”

Rylan Coglaiti

Booking/Drum Tech/E.I.T./Producer

Rylan’s Blog

Rylan is a musician, professional beard officianado and our producer in training. Starting on the drums at age nine, music has been a part of his life for a very long time eventually leading him to pursue recording, mastering and helping artists attain a higher quality of music. Rylan is an avid gamer, enjoys sports of every kind, good beer and unhealthy (and assuredly delicious) food.

Rylan was part of a local (Raleigh/Durham) pop-punk band, Joe Grizzley for six years and loved every second of it. Playing music and growing beards are some of the things he does best. Musical influences include artists such as: Parkway Drive, Rage Against the Machine, Stretch Arm Strong, Wu-Tang and Paramore. Quite a bit of diversity!

“There’s nothing like writing music with your friends and being able to perform it.”

Brice Masters

Marketing and Design

Brice’s Blog

Brice is in the business of making everything engaging and pleasing to look at. From site design, band biographies, social media and images, he tries his best to make you want to look at it and/or click on it. While not much of a musician himself, he did sing in high school and more recently in a Men’s Choir. Brice spends most of his time hanging out with his young son, dreaming about fast/exotic cars, reading and writing, and playing absurdly hard video games. While Brice may not actually make music, he has a pretty good ear for it. There really isn’t any style of music off limits when it comes to his playlists and include such bands as: AFI, The Knife, Architecture in Helsinki, e-dubble, Atmosphere, K-pop, and Bruce Springsteen.

“Most of what I do is taking something you’re interested in, and making it an obsession.”

Phil Groshens

Digital Development

Phil’s Blog

Phil is the behind the scenes backbone of The Arcade Studio. If it moves, displays, has functionality or exists online, it’s his doing. He takes the time to run a fine tooth comb over all the aspects of our online presence and makes it perfect. Coding, scripting and infrastructure are his forte. Phil is an avid BMW enthusiast, gamer and has a thing for Canadian Club Whiskey (Seriously).

Musically Phil is an obsessionist. When he find a band he likes, he goes ‘all in’ as it were, and tends to know everything about that band. He does a bit as a musician recreationally, playing a bit of guitar and spinning records when he’s not collecting Vinyl. His musical influences include: The Format, Norma Jean, Hot Water Music, Butch Walker, Kendrick Lamar, The Bloody Beetroots and The Loved Ones.

“Spaak! Wat do! Click the ‘F’ to Sprint”